Hello Humans,

I'm Haley

The weirdo behind the lens is what I like to call myself. it's probably lame to give yourself nicknames though, right? I started photography as a hobby but quickly realized it was my passion.

I consider myself a candid photographer. I love the pure, raw moments you can create with a single image. we, as humans, are incredible. growing and learning from difficult situations. living and loving. I love capturing different stories.

Haven't stopped reading yet? Good!

Let's work together!

Explore with Me

Oh, did the adorable puppy catch your attention? That's my girl, Brisket.

If you haven't noticed yet, I am obsessed with the outdoors. I love hiking, kayaking, camping...you name it. Have a place in mind but it takes 8 miles to get to? I'll hike that!

My main jam is capturing your story outside. We live in a beautiful area with so many different landscapes, why not utilize them?!